The Pantry Cafe Review – Foodgasm!

The Pantry Cafe is an ‘All-Day Breakfast Cafe’ located in the quiet by-lanes of Fort, Mumbai.

As one enters the place, one is rejoiced with an air of calmness and comfort. The European setting and the soft jazz music that plays in the background lends a touch of sophistication to the cafe. It is very popular amongst foreigners residing within Mumbai. At 9 am on a Thursday morning, the place was surprisingly filled with people.

This one of the few places in Mumbai that features a plethora of Vegan dishes in its menu. A choice also exists to turn any meal into a vegan meal. Coffees come with an option of using soy milk. The menu is quite interesting with a specialised section by a MasterChef Finalist Chef, Karishma Khanna.

The Vegan Salted Chocolate Caramel Almond Milk was as fascinating as the description stated. It had been made through a frivolous process sans milk. The creamy almond milk with a tinge of salted chocolate caramel was nothing like anything I had tasted before. The texture was nutty and the aftertaste, incredibly amazing. It was worth every penny spent.

The next dish that I ordered was Vegan Scrambled tofu which was served with a lettuce salad, toasted breads and hash browns. I was only delighted further to have ordered this. The tofu was soft and melted in the mouth. It had been cooked with tomatoes and basil leaves with an olive oil dressing:  a delicacy, indeed. The hash browns and lettuce sides only exalted the experience.

The service was prompt and the waiters pretty well-versed in their ways. All the orders were served within five minutes and all the necessities were taken care of. The cafe also provides free Wi-Fi and popular magazines.

The Pantry is a perfect getaway if you are looking for an intrinsic combination of healthy, vegan food along with plenty of regular choices, in a romantic European style cafe. The atmosphere of the place catalyses conversations and gratifies everyone who has ever been there.  You only have to shed your pockets a bit to cherish the moments that the place has to offer.

Source: Pantry Cafe


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